CrossFit Human Evolution Labs consists of two trainers.

We offer personalized CrossFit training in Bangkok, Thailand.


Kevin Aillaud is a Certified CrossFit Fitness Coach (CCFC), or CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). Less than 50 coaches worldwide have achieved this credential of professionalism.  He is also a member of the CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff and teaches CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 seminars around the world.  Kevin began training clients in 2004, found CrossFit in 2006, and joined the Seminar Staff Team in 2013.  In 2006, Kevin opened the 67th CrossFit Affiliate in the world (CrossFit HEL) and operated the box for 8 years as a trainer and owner.  In over a decade he has trained tens of thousands of individuals ranging in ages from 13 to 72 and in various professions from professional athletes to lawyers to unemployed students.  As a Seminar Staff Contractor he has the honor of training future CrossFit trainers and embuing the standards and knowledge that CrossFit developed.  Kevin also holds a CrossFit Kids certificate, a CrossFit Powerlifting certificate, a CrossFit Gymnastics certificate, is a Tony Blauer PDR/S.P.E.A.R. Systems coach, is a judge for the annual CrossFit Games, and is First Aid and CPR/AED accredited through the American Red Cross.



Alexandra Reeves is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2).  She also holds a CrossFit Kids certificate.  She has shadowed and coached under Kevin Aillaud since the conception of her CrossFit training career.  In a short time, Allie has developed the coaching skills necessary to get people of all ages and athletic abilities to meet their goals.  Aside from her CrossFit qualifications, Allie has worked with people from all different backgrounds.  She has coached Special Olympic athletes, taught English to children in China, been a caretaker for the elderly, and worked for a deaf company.  Allie can speak conversational Chinese, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL).  Allie has also had experience judging local competitions and is First Aid and CPR/AED accredited through the American Red Cross.